Customer Experience: Wayfinding Research for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Customer Experience – The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

 People with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) – including non-native speakers of English as well as those with limited literacy or other visual or language impairment – have particular difficulty navigating hospitals and other health care environments. For these reasons Robert Wood Johnson Foundation initiated a project to develop a new-to-the-world set of universal symbols for healthcare wayfinding.

Avenue ISR worked in partnership with national wayfinding experts Corbin Design and four “innovator facilities” around the U.S. to develop a set of best practices to implement the symbol system and to measure the potential impacts on patient wayfinding. The results showed a clear advantage for all populations using the symbols, but also pointed out the need for a set of clear strategies to ensure successful implementation. The best practices and action planning that Avenue ISR and Corbin produced will allow any health care facility to more effectively serve these patient populations going forward.