Foundational Research: A Merrill Lynch Software Company Quantifies its Worth

Merrill Lynch – Foundational Research

Equity Methods (a division of Merrill Lynch) is a leading company in equity award financial reporting, forecasting and valuation services..  The company was facing new competition from competitors and substitutes at the same time that the regulatory requirements for filing were rapidly changing.  Equity Methods wanted to conduct customer and prospect research to support a compelling case to use their services. 

Avenue ISR developed an online survey to help quantify the dollars as well as the personnel hours companies spend on compliance with this standard.  Using this data, Avenue ISR worked with Equity Methods to develop a compelling case to demonstrate how much money as well as personnel resources could be saved by working with Equity Methods.  The content from this case was used in presentations at national conferences, in marketing materials, and in the sales presentations.  Avenue ISR helped provide Equity Methods with the data and story it needed to develop thought leadership and gain additional visibility in the market.

“Avenue ISR helped us to quantify how we help our clients.  By doing research with our customers, they helped to identify our customers key “pain points” and where we can help save customers the most time and money.  We’ve used this information at industry conferences as well as in one-on-one sales presentations.  It’s also helped us as well as our customers to understand how much time/money they are spending on compliance relative to benchmarks of companies their same size.  Avenue ISR helped us to refine our own “story” and demonstrate the value we bring to the industry.”
                                                                    - David Roberts, President and CEO of Equity Methods