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Foundational Research: Hagerty Insurance Evolves its Classic Brand

Foundational Marketing Research – Hagerty

Hagerty Insurance is North America’s leading insurer of classic and collector automobiles. In order to launch the company into a new phase of growth, managers desired to better understand how the Hagerty brand was performing and what it would take to win new business.

Avenue ISR conducted extensive research with customers, non-customers and agents to model the marketplace and measure the potential of the Hagerty brand. With these data, Avenue ISR developed a brand scorecard that showed progress toward Awareness, Familiarity, Consideration and Purchase. In addition, Avenue ISR identified bottlenecks in the customer purchase process by which customers convert from one stage of engagement to the next.

Armed with this new information, Hagerty was able to reprioritize marketing mix and messaging to aggressively pursue untapped market opportunity. The project also provided Hagerty with a set of tools to continuously monitor the progress of the brand and the evolution of the marketplace.