June 2012 - Usability Testing – Anytime, Anywhere

June 2012 - Avenue ISR recently launched a new technique designed to maximize the effectiveness of usability testing for web sites and new technology.

User Experience or UX refers to the overall interaction and experience that end users (customers or audience members) have with a company’s product, service or web site. It is typically used to assess challenges or issues with navigation, funtionality or content and to efficiently develop design criteria for improvements.
Typically, user experience testing happens in user experience “labs” – facilities where participants participate in moderated, recorded testing sessions.
In business to business situations, however, users are often reluctant to travel to remote labs.
By combining conference calling technology, remote screenshot capture and traditional UX approaches, Avenue ISR was able to create a seamless solution that allows participants on virtually any platform or operating system to participate in usability tests while the session is moderated using a live moderator. Screen casts showing every move and mouse click are captured and analyzed along with spoken comments and reactions.
The technique allows for deep exploration of topics, minimal user downtime and more pointed user feedback.
Avenue ISR recently used the technique for a national supplier of interior building materials and was able to gain highly useful feedback from architects, interior designers, retailers and consumers from around North America. The feedback led to dramatic improvements in the web experience of customer and prospects.
User Experience work is the latest in research capabilities that Avenue ISR offers as its Customer Experience 360 program which helps companies retain and build customer loyalty and engagement within their company and/or brand.
“The online relationship with customers has developed dramatically in recent years. UX studies help us find the customer’s voice throughout the decision process and to provide strategies for improving the full spectrum of the customer’s experience.” according to Woody Smith, President of Avenue ISR.