Smart FunnelSM

Avenue ISR has pioneered a strategy to help you understand exactly how your customers are converted from awareness to being a customer, and to quantify the who, when and what of each progressive step a customer must take.

The Avenue ISR SmartFunnelSM shows you where you stand with each step of the customer evolution, how efficiently and effectively you are moving customers and prospects from one step to the next and - perhaps most important - exactly where you need to focus to produce better results.

Putting it All Together: The SmartFunnelSM can be a game-changer, because it lets you see the whole sweep of your interactions with your market. One client of ours found that the conversion rate from Consideration to Purchase was low, and learned how to convert more of those who just thought favorably of their product to those who ended up purchasing it. Another learned that they had a key bottleneck in migrating existing customers into a state of loyalty, and we helped them develop a process to maximize retention and share of wallet.

The Avenue ISR SmartFunnelSM is a strategic tool that can help your business develop a deep understanding of how you are communicating and converting customer prospects. And it can help you better target resources, focus on areas of critical improvement, and track and measure your success in customer acquisition.