Brand Strategy

“What do customers associate with our brand?” “What truly differentiates me from competitors?” Where do we stand in the marketplace?" "What is the 'secret sauce' that will lead to new growth and profitability?"

While many may have opinions on these topics, Avenue ISR brings the empirical rigor to establish the answers objectively and create strong, unifying strategies to strengthen and maximize brand performance.

In helping you to refine your brand strategy, we will assess the current state of your brand(s), help to ensure your positioning is differentiated from competition, develop a framework for which brands to use in which markets, and identify the organizational imperatives you need to have in place in order to deliver on your brand promise.

Avenue ISR uses a number of tools - attribute and perceptual mapping, Smart FunnelSM analytics, benefit segmentation, etc. - to provide data-driven strategies for brand evolution, brand architecture, re-positioning, and communications and messaging systems.

Most of all, we produce results. We provide the actionable recommendations that let client brands reach their full potential and throw open the doors to success.