Foundational Marketing Research

Good business decisions depend on a foundation of understanding. Avenue ISR helps clients understand gaps and opportunities in the marketplace, as well as how to apply the ‘secret sauce’ that will create enduring success.

Too often, initiatives are launched, investments are made, and resources are deployed based on hunches. Sometimes these hunches are driven purely by the personal experiences and personalities of a single manager.Even when hunches prove to be correct, there is often a painful period of “getting it right” when certain investments and approaches are written off after extensive trial and error.

Avenue ISR helps clients “get it right” the first time. We are committed to the notion that all things can and should be made empirical….the impact of decisions can and should be measured.

We approach this work using many of the traditional tools of marketing research. Where we differ from most marketing research firms, however, is in our practical business understanding. We produce findings and recommendations that are grounded in the real world and that are imminently actionable. We create a foundation of understanding around a particular topic or issue, that is a firm launching place from which productive, profitable business decisions can be made.

Our Methods Include:
Survey Research
Predictive Analytics and Modeling
In Depth Interviews
Point of Purchase Intercepts and Observations
Focus Groups
Remote and On-site User Testing